January 18, 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Happy new year! Although it is quite late. I visited Helsinki. I liked it even though everyone around here says it is boring. Took a ferry. Didn't take more than two and a half hours to go there. Walked pretty much 20km.

Helsinki Cathedral

Sea from the Market Square
Uspenski Cathedral
House of the Estates

December 12, 2018

Tallinn, Estonia


It's been a long time. Didn't write any blog posts for a while. So many things happened in between. I moved to Estonia. Started working on databases again. Looking forward to writing about databases and traveling.

February 16, 2017

LIRNEasia and University of Dhaka Research Collaboration

LIRNEasia collaborates with University of Dhaka Data and Design lab to perform policy related research. A research workshop was held at University of Dhaka. Apache Spark and Hadoop session was done by me.
Research Team

Sriganesh sharing the experience in policy related research

Apache Hadoop Hands-on session

If you are interested in Big Data Research opportunities, please check this link - http://lirneasia.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/big-data-Researcher-170207.pdf

August 15, 2016

Cross section vs Time Series Data

There are two types of data sets based on the time.

Cross-Section Data

Cross section data is collected on the same point in time. There might be different variables but all of them are collected for the same period of the time. So you won't see any time column.

Time-Series Data 

Time series data expands across periods. Same variable is recorded for different time periods.