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Google on People

Google never says that we are invading you. But Google wants to be your life. However sooner Google will provide every basic service to the world. No one thought that Google will begin e-Money service like wallet when we are using GMail in 2006.

Google hopes to be our life. Their is not problem with it. I am almost complete Google user when I'm using Internet. I use Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, Google Docs and bla bla. What will happen if they limit services. No one can force them. All of us know that they will not limit any service because of competition. But Yahoo or any other major companies should not give up in this. Otherwise Google will own whole services. DropBox should be used. Yahoo mail should be used.

But I have to appreciate google impact on our life. I am a blogger to day because of Google. I have a site because of Google. I'm using online analytic service because of Google. Google made easy our life. Sharing made easy with Google+. Google Calender is easily synchronized with your mobile calender.

Whole internet should be a one site. And should be same. and easy to use. Now whole world is one village. Now It should be smaller that appear.