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Tire of Data Forms?? LightSwitch!!!

Have  ever worried about creating same data form for different projects?? Is it boring?? Microsoft owns a new solution for that. It's awesome. Flexible. We call it Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch. 2011. It generates data forms for your applications. It owns entity designer to design your database. And also there is a feature called screen. Screen are data forms which is generated by Micorosft Visual Studio LightSwitch.

And this also lets you to validate your data entries. Common data validation formats are available from the default. Now you don't want to validate Email, Telephone No, or URL. LightSwitch will care about it. Take a look on it! It's awesome.


  1. I've been reading and learning how to program lately. Hope to get the basics down. I'm looking for a "technical co-founder" so thought I learn the language. How did the exams go?


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