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Programming Microsoft SQL server 2012

catBefore few weeks I got a book from Oreilly Blogger Review program to review a book. I took enough time to read this book. This book covers most of the new trends and features in SQL Server 2012 with good explanation.

I was addicted to first chapter to get to know about the SQL Server Data Tools. Because previously I was studying development things like C# and Visual Studio because of that I was not be able to find out about SQL Server Development Tools. With SQL Server 2012 SQL Server Data Tools were introduced. In first chapter completely describes about SSDT from the point of Developers and Dev DBA’s.

All over the book I didn’t feel like reading a tech book. It is well organized and I felt that I read a story book. But this book is not good for absolute beginners who is looking for SQL Server Development. And this book also balanced one, It doesn’t cover only XML or CLR. Its covering most of the topics with useful things. This is like a essence for database developers who uses SQL Server 2012 or who is planning to use SQL Server 2012.

Each chapter had lot of things to learn. Actually this is a good book. Read it if you are a dev DBA in SQL Server 2012!!! Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012 was a pretty interesting book for me.