MongoShell Database Navigation

If you are new to MongoDB you may need to discover the databases and collections (basically objects) on your MongoDB instance. For this easily you can use a GUI tool like MongoVUE. But in this blog post, I’m not going to describe GUI tools. I’m going to explain about MongoShell to navigate through database objects.
I can remember the first day that I used Linux. In that day I fed up with Terminal and gave it up. But now I think it's cool!. Smile Somehow if you want to do something easier I still recommend GUI Tools.
First to execute those commands you should log into MongoShell. In windows mongo.exe.
How to take database List?
> show dbs
How to check the database that you are currently using?
> db
> print ( db );
How to change to a new database?
> use <database name>
> use AdventureWorks2012 
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How to take the list of Collection in the current Database?
> show collections
> db.getCollectionNames();
How to take the list of Users in Database?
> show users
> db.system.users.find();
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