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Windows 8 and Dedunu

I posted blog posts about Windows 8 Developer Preview and Consumer Preview. And now I'm using Windows 8 Enterprise Edition on my sweet heart laptop. Not like Windows 7, Windows 8 is light weight. And easy to use for me because I used Windows 8 from Developer Preview onwards. But some of new users get lost with Metro-UI.

Although some of geeks say that's not good. I think, I feel its cool and good. Because desktop users expect ease of use. Microsoft had worked on giving comfortable user experience. And Windows 8 RTM don't have Aero feature. They have decided to remove that because It makes computer slow.

And Windows 8 has only three editions they are Windows 8 RT, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise. In Windows 8 RT there is nice things. It is office but it's not a full version. Somehow I recommend Windows 8 to home users!!!