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What I love in Outlook 2013

I installed Microsoft Office 2013 few weeks ago. So in Office as usual there are few enhancement and new things. But I should write a blog post about what I love in Office 2013. It is about Outlook. In Outlook they have added new feature to text area which makes us feel that we are typing faster. When we type cursor is not jumping it is wiping through the text.

That feature is awesome one. I hope that will be implemented in Word and other text boxes in Windows in future. Or at least give a option to users to Enable/Disable it. I really don't bother about those effects in software. But this one I can't ignore. I love it. I don't use G mail because of this. I use Outlook 2013.

And if I don't mention about LinkedIn integration, that's not cool. So they have given a facility to connect LinkedIn profile with Outlook. It syncs all the contacts from LinkedIn and use their faces on contacts. I really love it too.