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Do you like to surf with mobile devices?

I'm pretty much interested about Ubuntu Touch those days. Basically I'm interested about Ubuntu Mobile devices which is going to arrive to market in near future. To be frank I should say that, I'm interested in those devices because they can change the future of Ubuntu. But in this blog post what I'm going to discuss is not about Ubuntu Mobile devices. I'm going to talk about generic mobile devices.

With the arrival of smart phones, tablets, PDAs, EDAs people thought about buying a tablet instead of computers. Then they try to install whole lots of things into those small devices which has not much computing capability. Then after that they try to surf, try to send mails and try to do so many things with this devices. Then battery and the capacity of those devices avoids people of doing things. Then what happens is people starts to blame on poor mobile devices. :|

But my view is mobile devices are mobile devices, They are not laptops. Even the laptops can't perform like Desktops, how can you expect it from mobile devices. Although we come up with new technologies to save the power, or increase the battery life such things, you can't make mobile device a computer. You can't use it like a boss. You just have small screen to tap here and there. For me that is not going to work. 

So my recommendation is buy a computer when you need a computer. Buy a smart phone when you need a smart phone. Otherwise if you buy a smart phone when you need a computer, most probably you may have to give up smart phone and computer both! ;)