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Yes, It's our fault

Today our architect sent a mail to team with two links of blog posts. With the coming of NoSQL that developers think that they really don't need DBAs who objects each and every possible easiest way to solve the solution. And the other one is a post of Grant, which says that fault is on our hand.

When a DBA getting mature and having lot of experiences what happens is, they are trying to avoid problems which can occur in future. It's like cutting wings of developer birds. Then developers are getting into angry developers.

When we have up and running databases, DBAs know how difficult to make a change, how difficult to let developers to go home early. That's the way that developers looks at DBAs. When developers want to do a change they do all the designs and then send all queries to DBAs. And then say "Please now take care of it, it's your baby now!". 

With the time, angry devs are finding out a solution to get rid from DBAs mails. Angry developers are trying to destroy DBAs beautiful dreams with the help of NoSQL databases. But finally what will really happen is they will make angry stakeholders if they really don't know what is they are using.

Those NoSQL databases are like non-tested missiles. They may work very very well and achieve the target, or else that may fall into your side and may destroy your whole career life. NoSQL databases are babies. We should understand it. When we say that this is too much risky, people things that we don't like to change what we know or we are obsolete. 

And Big companies are looking forward for new technologies and new things. And developers most of the time they also hate new things. But they want to bypass permission stage like Grant says. Then they are going  with this awesome NoSQL databases. 

Myself and Shamil had so many discussions about the change that is comming towards us. What will happen to DevDBAs career. Some times NoSQL may be a another thing like ORDBMS. Perhaps it may be a relational like database. Some how part of this fault is on our hand because we are trying to deploy best things to production. And the other part of this fault is also on our hand because we are trying to defend the production.

For developer "Table joins", "WHERE clauses" are just another line like a declaring a variable on their programming language. But for DBAs its a table scan, its a table lock which hurts them and their bonuses.  Developers are not going to understand that their queries should work on production. That's why DBAs are coming to office.With DevOps some times this problem may solve in a good way. Because developers may have part of baby sitting with DevOps. Then they may start to realize how much we have saved their bonus. :)