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Sri Lanka Cartogram with d3.js

We have been using d3js to visualize things on maps. And after struggling with topojson application my boss found a way to convert Sri Lanka Shape file (.shp) to topojson format. Then we wanted to use cartograms for our visualizations.

I found that there was a d3js cartogram implementation. -

With the help of this blog post -, I finished cartogram Visualization. 

And Nisansa's co-ordinations for center of Sri Lanka was very helpful to calibrate Sri Lanka map.

You can find my sri-lanka-cartogram repository on GitHub -

You find the live demo from here -

Thanks for d3js library! He is a wizard in visualizations.
Thanks a lot for cartogram.js! Hope this will be useful to you.


  1. Sounds Good! Sorry I didn't get that? What is the idea I can get from this implemented map?

    1. For this demo I used Sri Lankan Population. And this is a type of maps which you can visualize different variables.

    2. Wow! This Cartogram thing is amazing. Thanks bro.


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