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Disable telnet and enable ssh on Cisco Switch (IOS)

We recently purchased a Cisco switch for our Hadoop cluster. So I wanted to setup Cisco switch. But first of all I want to configure ssh and disable telnet. Lets see how we can do that.
Connect to the switch using telnet or using console port. (You should enable telnet and give a password from express setup.) enable configure terminal hostname <switchname> ip domain-name <domain name> crypto key generate rsa Enter "1024" when it prompts for
How many bits int the modulus [512]: Then run below commands interface fa0/0 ip address no shutdown username <username> priv 15 secret <password> aaa new-model enable secret <password> If you have a Cisco router use "0 4" instead of "0 14" line vty 0 14 transport input ssh end copy running-config startup-config Now you can use SSH client to connect to switch.