November 19, 2014

Enterprise Messaging

Messaging made was never easy like this. This is first Oreilly video tutorial I followed. And I should mention that I am really happy about this tutorial. Before I watch this tutorial I had no idea about JMS. But in this tutorial Mark Richards explains Messaging concepts as well as JMS implementations.

Most of the developer tutorials don't explain important stuff about essential administration properly, But author explains concepts/implementations and administration tips and you wouldn't notice it. Examples are really simple and easy to understand. If you want to start to lean Enterprise messaging this is the correct tutorial you should follow. You should have a understanding about Java language basics other than that there is nothing else you should know.

Also this course was highly addictive. I couldn't stop my self from finishing this video tutorial. Although I had some other work to do I couldn't do anything else. I love this tutorial. It's simple and easy to understand.

Mark compares JMS 1.0 and JMS 2.0 in very effective manner with examples. That makes all the features really easy to understand. Unlike a book I found watching this video was really helpful to learn JMS.

I can recommend this tutorial to anyone who is willing to learn JMS without any condition.

You can buy this tutorial from here :

November 16, 2014

How to swap two integer variables without a third variable? - Java

Well. We can swap two integer variables using third variables. That is not a problem. Let's say we want to swap two variables without using a third variable. For that you can use simple mathematical operations such as addition/subtraction. But division multiplication will introduce an error to the data for example if you have to swap 1 and 3. Using subtraction and addition, you can swap two variables without affecting their values. 

Principles of Big Data

I was really interested in reading this book. But it took a long time to me to read it. And concepts which are explained in this book are really important. To a person who wants to start learning about Big data concepts, I will recommend this book for sure.

If you have prior knowledge on BI tools and techniques, this book will help you to learn help you to quicker than any other book in the market. And this book wont get outdated like a technology book.  Because these concepts are valid for anything you are going to do.
I am working with Big Data researchers as part of my job. So I found this book was very helpful to learn Big data concepts and that made my life easier.

I like this book and I will recommend to any one who wants to learn about Big data concepts. No matter whether they are students/novice or intermediate readers.

You can purchase a copy of this book from :

.gitignore file for Java

I am working with Java projects and Git both. But sometimes opening a project from different IDE will create extra files which we really don't want. So using .gitignore file in the root folder of your Git repository will ignore files and patterns you have mentioned. Finally I found there are three main Java IDEs currently. They are 
  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • NetBeans
I am very sorry if your favourite IDE is not listed here. So I just went through the Bitbucket and GitHub (link to gitignore templates). Then I created my own .gitignore file. I wish this would help you.