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Yosemite Full Screen problem :(

People hate Yosemite. But I don't know why. I like Yosemite more than Mavericks. But Yosemite has a problem with Maximize button.(Zoom) As you click Zoom or maximize button it will go to full screen mode.

To avoid this press zoom while you are pressing Alt (key).

If you want to maximize Chrome click zoom while you are pressing Alt + Shift

Enjoy yosemite!


  1. My Safari s been having a random disconnection bug ever since I got Yosemite. Have you experienced that?

    1. I think you are facing Wifi issue. Is it only safari or does it happens for the network connection? Are you using Wifi?

      I strongly feel that you are facing the Wifi issue. Please install updates for Mac through App store. That will fix it.


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