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Showing posts from December, 2015

List all the links from RSS link using Python

Blogs and news sites use RSS(Rich Site Summary) feeds. Python can be used to fetch updates. I have written a simple program which can fetch RSS feed and print links.
I have written the same application in both Python 2.7 and Python 3 both.
In Python 3, urllib2.urlopen() is replaced with urllib.request.urlopen(). Python 3 code is mentioned below.

Remove all the followers from your twitter account

You might use social networks more often. All of us know that it is really hard to do bulk operations in Facebook and Twitter.
I wanted to remove all the followers from my twitter account. So I googled it. Then I found there is no way to remove followers. Only way is blocking them and unblocking them. But this way if you are following that person, your subscription will be removed automatically.
I tried to do this with "tweepy" Python module. You can modify the program as you need. Please be-careful when you run this script, you are going to loose all your followers. To get consumer and access token keys, please visit Make your keys safe, never share your keys publicly.